TomTom Via 52

At a little under £160 and around 5inches, the Via 52 is set to be a hit in 2021. However, TomTom’s have become clunky in recent years and haven’t much moved past the days of the early 00’s when it comes to speed and responsiveness if you talk to some.

TomTom via 52

The TomTom Via 52 is really quite neat though and marks a bit of a change in mindset. TomTom seems to be kicking those naysays who hark back to the 00’s not least because this now comes with lifetime maps via a mobile phone update system (no more sim card or usb to your computer – honestly… the pain!).

The other big step forward in this device is clearly that TomTom seem to have improved the screen resolution, the neat 5 inch display is crystal clear and there doesn’t appear to be any lag. (another hit to those who like to kick TomTom for it’s laggy 00’s days).

All in all the Via 52 is really a superb GPS and it’s easy to see why it’s being tipped to be a hit in 2021.

The final piece of the jigsaw is it’s foldable design, shown below, it’s nice and sleek. Easy to remove from the car or hide in the glove box.

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4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
TomTom Via 52 Review