TomTom Go Premium

The TomTom Go Premium (also known as the TomTom Go Supreme in the USA) is meant to be an out of the box smart connected device, and to a large extent it does this.

tomtom go premium

The TomTom Premium is priced at a little under £300 currently (April 2021) and comes with free lifetime map updates as with the majority of TomTom’s GPS range. What marks the Premium / Supreme out as different is that not only does it have smartphone connections via bluetooth but also has an inbuilt connection to IFTTT.

IFTTT allows users to set up connections to other services such as third party calendars or home heating systems which may not be available through say google home assistant or siri. Now, whilst this is a little clunky, and still requires a phone connection (err yeh we wonder how often this is polling and how much data it’s about to eat), but its a neat idea – we also wonder how deeply integrated this may be – for instance is there geo-fencing? could you say turn on heating when you are X miles from home or transit time / ETA is X to home.

The TomTom Go Premium / Supreme comes with worldmaps, so if you are going travelling there is no need to upgrade your maps / download again. As mentioned previously, you’ve got free updates forever with the Go Premium too – these updates are available each quarter.

The only let downs we’ve found are the bezel seems a bit chunky and the battery life isn’t the best – it certainly doesn’t meet the premium name-sake.

3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

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