TomTom Go 620

This handsfree, 6 inch TomTom GPS is one of the most affordable on the market. The TomTom Go for years has been a go-to for GPS lovers who love affordable kit, but the 620 seems to be a step apart with its clear screen which is ultra responsive, Google assistant built-in (and Siri), bluetooth connection, lifetime maps (for free) and all the usual lovely bits from TomTom.

TomTom Go 620

The 620 from TomTom at a little over £130 isn’t just feature reach and affordable but ultra-light, which leads to the question of is it fast and responsive… because we know both TomTom and Garmin often can be laggy on the cheaper end. But the 620 is pretty snappy, so its affordable and quick!

The TomTom 620 is definitely worth it! A great buy for 2021.

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